Little free library concert at Kevins 6-13-2015 for community engagement

SCNA Little Free Library Fall Concert!
Saturday, October 17, 2015
10:30 –Noon 4911 Vincent Ave N
SCNA invites you to join us on Saturday, October 17 at 4911 Vincent Ave N for this exciting free concert that will feature the Bunny Clogs! Bunny Clogs is Honeydogs Singer-Songwriter Adam Levy’s first solo children’s music project.  What is (or are) Bunny Clogs? Beatrix Potter hopped up on Goofers? Captain Kangaroo singing Run DMC? A threeway train wreck between Kraftwerk, the Beastie Boys and Harry Nilsson? A toilet paper party with Henry Kissinger in a bad Philidelphia neighborhood? Randy Newman and Dr. Seuss hijacking a Parliament Funkadelic show? The Beatles on a solid macaroni and cheese diet? Perhaps all of the above. Kicking the morning off will be violinist Eric Glosser whose music is sure to start the toe-tapping morning and fill the neighborhood with sweet
music for kids of all ages!

Come and join us on the front lawn from 10:30-Noon to enjoy a morning of music and meeting great neighbors! This event will promote the little free library arts, education, and community engagement. To learn more go to or 612-597-9464.