Shingle Creek Park Corridor Create a Community Center

Check out the proposed MPRB maps here for the Shingle Creek Corridor for Shingle Creek Regional, Shingle Creek, Creekview Park, Bohanon Park, Webber Park, Humboldt Greenway. Then take the MPRB survey! Tell MPRB what you think of their proposals.

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The CP Railroad tracks separate Shingle Creek and Lind-Bohanon Neighborhoods from the rest of the community assets due to long-delays at the two crossings. Shingle Creek neighborhood also has no retail assets in this corner of the city. Creekview Park Community Center is our only public asset to help attract and retain residents that offers space for large community events and meetings after 6pm, access to a swimming pool and outdoor park assets. Many community residents have been asking for more programming for youth and seniors. The Parkside Single family homes on the Greenway across the street from Creekview Park Community Center are bringing over 100 new families and residents to the community that could


Current Creekview Park Community Center 2018

Interested in helping us Create a 21st Century Community Center? We invite you to join us February 26th! to see what’s being proposed for Shingle Creek Park Corridor/Creekview Park Community Center and add your input! Add your name to our growing email list here to be added to our notification list for updates/news/activities about this exciting SCNA Community Project!

Love North Minneapolis parks? Help plan their future! February 26, 6-8pm

Kids’ activities and refreshments featured at family-friendly workshops in late February and early March

Northside community members have contributed an amazing range of ideas and input on local neighborhood parks over the past eight months. Staff from the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) have been using this information and working with a design team to develop initial concepts for every Minneapolis neighborhood park north of I-394 and west of the Mississippi River. This process is a key part of creating an overall long-term plan known as the North Service Area Master Plan (NSAMP).

The next step is asking people to view and comment on the park design concepts at a series of public workshops. Each concept includes options and locations for a range of amenities and activities; most parks have multiple concepts.

About the workshops

  • Everyone is invited: please bring family, friends, neighbors and others!
  • Each workshop includes kids’ activities and refreshments
  • Four workshops give people a choice of dates and locations. Each has the same format and park design concepts. You can attend more than one, but don’t need to.

Dates and locations

For more information about this event click on the event title for the full flyer.



The Shingle Creek Neighborhood Work, History, Notes on Creating a Community Center

The results of our Robust Community Engagement in 2017 led to SCNA earmarking $100,000 for Creating A Community Center. We currently have Creekview Park Community Center in the MPRB identified Shingle Creek Park Corridor and the Shingle Creek neighborhood in the Camden Planning District an area serving almost 30,000 residents in Minneapolis. This area is the same size as Brooklyn Center or Roseville. How does the current facility and programs fit this community? What’s missing? What can we do? Next steps?

We invite you to review the important notes from previous visioning and work toward Creating a Community Center and join in helping us Create a 21st Community Center!


Shingle Creek Corridor Visioning Session January 24, 2018
Shingle Creek Corridor Visioning Session December 13, 2017
Resources provided by MPRB consultant Brad Aldrich, Confluence
 MPRB North Service Area Master Plan: Work Group Notes 2017
 MPRB North Service Area Master Plan: Parks without Asset Notes 2017
DATAJAM Shingle Creek: Information about the parks from community
Demographic Maps of Northside Park Service areas
Community Connectors resident feedback about various parks other than Shingle Creek and Creekview Park.
NSA Facility Asset Maps
Photos for Visioning session