Shingle Creek Park Corridor Visioning

The results of our Robust Community Engagement in 2017 led to SCNA earmarking $100,000 for Creating A Community Center. We currently have Creekview Park Community Center. How does that current facility and programs fit this community? What’s missing? What can we do? Next steps?

We invite you to join in the important dialogue and work of visioning and working toward Creating a Community Center next Wednesday January 24th from 6-8pm!



Here’s the upcoming calendar regarding the planning efforts for the Northside Minneapolis Parks.

Check out theMPRB upcoming agendas and dates for January 8th and 10th and the earmark February for a great opportunity for more community input!


Visioning starts with brainstorming ideas!

Many thanks to the volunteers and MPRB Commissioner elect Kale Severson and MPRB consultant Brad Aldrich, Confluence for attending our Shingle Creek Corridor Visioning session on December 13, 2017. We gathered information that will be used to help further the discussions and possible improvements to the Shingle Creek Park Corridor as identified by MPRB. The top themes that were identified by the group that met were:

Themes that rose to the top for these residents for the MPRB identified Shingle Creek Park Corridor were:

  • Lacking Adult Activities
  • Lack of Maintenance
  • Address or Add Shelters
  • Lighting to River/Parks
  • Pickle Ball

See the full results below.

Didn’t have a chance to attend? We still want to hear from you!

Thanks for adding your comments here at our SCNA survey!

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Shingle Creek Corridor Visioning Session December 13, 2017

Resources provided by MPRB consultant Brad Aldrich, Confluence

DATAJAM Shingle Creek: Information about the parks from community

Demographic Maps of Northside Park Service areas

Community Connectors resident feedback about various parks other than Shingle Creek and Creekview Park.

NSA Facility Asset Maps

Photos for Visioning session