Olson Atrium Garden Project

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Olson Atrium Garden Project!

During our premiere STEAM Expo 2015 it was pretty apparent that the interior garden at the Olson Middle School was not being attended. SCNA started speaking to Principal Steve Emerson about maintaining the garden and possibly renovating the garden.
This spring SCNA began the work of seeking designs and initial bids to renovate the garden space. In 2016-2017 Olson Middle School will be part of the IB program for the first time. The over 150 students would definitely be willing to use the garden space more as a safe and inspiring outdoor learning environment. Discussions are underway with the Principal and Minneapolis Public School District on possible solutions to reduce the overgrown garden and to make it more productive for the school and community. Initial design changes would remove several overgrown crab trees and reduce the size of the raingarden and increase the places outdoors where students could work and learn.Olson garden project 2016

The garden design would be enhanced by adding several small gardens to achieve a beautifully updated and useful garden space. We are in the early stages of this project but we know the draft plans would cost an estimated $35,000.

20160616_145950 Olson garden before

If you’re interested in learning more or helping with this project. Contact us today!