Our mission and work

SCNA is organized to be a voice of the community, to advocate and promote the Shingle Creek neighborhood, to improve neighborhood livability and economic opportunities, to involve and empower residents and to promote the safety and health of our community and its residents.

We, as a small nonprofit 501 c 3 with a volunteer resident board, strive to achieve our mission in several ways.

Be a Voice of the Community: We work to be a voice of the community on broad issues that affect our neighborhood whether they be environmental, economic, planning, or developmental in nature.

Be an Advocate and Promote: We as Shingle Creek residents know what it’s like to live here on a daily basis. We understand the challenges and benefits of living in this part of Minneapolis and work to advocate and promote it both inside and outside the neighborhood as a positive place to live, work, and play! We don’t want to be left out of important city, county, or state projects, so we participate in various committees, commissions, and other opportunities where we can advocate and promote our neighborhood.

Improve neighborhood livability and economic opportunities: Whether its graffiti or garbage, crime, problem properties, environment or enhancing economic opportunities for our neighborhood and the Camden area, SCNA works with residents to educate residents, connect them to resources or advocate and promote the neighborhood to get needed resources.

Involve and empower residents: SCNA is made up of volunteer residents just like you that care about their neighborhood and keeping it a great place to live, work and play! We work to involve residents through our community events, projects, and programs and empower residents to make a difference in their community.

Promote the safety and health of our community and its residents: SCNA knows that living in a major metropolitan area is full of new challenges on almost on a daily basis. We strive to work within the city to promote the safety and health of our community and its residents. Striving to keep residents informed of neighborhood crime trends, how to improve home and personal safety and promoting healthy ways to improve living in an urban center.