Environmental Program

One way we work to make a difference in Shingle Creek!

Environmental Program:


In 1992, SCNA began discussing the possibility of partnering with the City of Minneapolis Waste Management and Minneapolis Park Board to start a clean-up city-wide effort during Earth Day week. Here we are over twenty years later, with a huge city-wide effort and SCNA continues to work to improve our local environment by annually hosting the Shingle Creek Clean up event. Many thanks to our local business support from Owens Corning, MRI, Younkin Trucking, GE, Minneapolis Park Board, Hennepin County Master Gardeners, and the hundreds of volunteers who take pride in their environment and local neighborhood to make this annual event a family tradition!


Over the years we have worked to address other environmental issues effecting the Shingle Creek neighborhood such as:

1990’s Flour Beatles at GM Grain elevators: Working with local and state officials, SCNA worked to advocate for residents who found small flour beatles in their homes from the GM Grain elevators. Solutions were found and issue resolved after many months of efforts. Shingle Creek Regional Ponds at 52nd and Thomas Ave N. SCNA was a strong advocate for the addition of this amenity to the neighborhood to help with runoff from the nearby Brookdale mall.

2000’s Owens Corning and Trumbull air emissions accidents: In the late 1990’s early 2000’s, Owens Corning and sister company Trumbull asphalt had at least two air emissions accidents due to faulty equipment. After many months and years of efforts by SCNA working with other neighborhoods and residents across the metro, Owens Corning and Trumbull have made hundreds of thousands of dollars of improvements to their equipment to improve the air and livability as a good neighbor.

2010’s Development of the Humboldt Industrial Park(HIP): In the 1970’s the Howe Fertilizer company, sitting on the east side of Brooklyn Boulevard and technically in the city of Brooklyn Center had a fire and environmental issues that migrated over to the Minneapolis side of Brooklyn Boulevard and 49th Ave N.  SCNA advocated in the mid 2000’s into 2010 for the undeveloped site to be developed, which dealt with any remaining environmental issues, and bringing a totally new business complex to that site, the Humboldt Industrial Park, with several new large international and local businesses, increased jobs, and increased tax base for the City of Minneapolis.

All of these efforts would not have been possible without the longevity and dedication of volunteer residents like you getting and staying involved for many months and even years to see these resolutions occur! THANK YOU!!

Consider coming to our next SCNA Board meeting or event and getting involved or to meet other residents like you that care about keeping this neighborhood a great place to live, work, and play!

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