Plan Modifications

The Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association will be making recommendations to the neighborhood about some plan modifications and asking residents to vote on them at upcoming SCNA zoom meetings on June 17th, 2020:

Because SCNA has seen an increased interest in both Tiny Fields gardens and gardening in general SCNA wants to be able to support as many folks growing locally as possible to increase their food security. Here is the first plan modification being recommended:

“Motion to move $20,000 ($10,000+10,000) from Activities, Parks, Ponds, Waterways and the Environment 1.1.1 into Environment, Parks and Gardens 3.4.1. for total of =$29,841.89 and contract with SCNA, using attached scope to increase the incentive and opportunities for residents to start a COVID garden to grow more of their own produce locally and help reduce grocery bills for themselves, families and community.”

Please check back again soon for the other exact plan modifications.