51st Ave N and Brooklyn Boulevard Updates

May 2019:

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May 28, 2019 Construction Update No. 19 Download here.



Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association (SCNA) has been participating on the Hennepin County Penn Avenue N Corridor Study that ends at the intersection of 49th Ave N and Osseo Road. It also is currently working with the City of Brooklyn Center, Hennepin County, City of Minneapolis, MetroTransit and others to help bring Minneapolis residents information and updates about the portion of Brooklyn Boulevard from 49th to Hwy 100 and beyond.

At the monthly SCNA Board meeting on September 13, 2016, SCNA heard from both Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis residents about several accidents and a recent incident involving a school bus that raised even more concerns since the new school in Brooklyn Center (former Malmborg’s site) and the new KIPP School on 50th and Oliver Ave N have added more traffic at the intersection of 51st and Brooklyn Boulevard. The chief concern is for safety of all residents either Brooklyn Center or Minneapolis that use that intersection.

SCNA contacted the City of Brooklyn Center and relayed what had been shared at our public meeting. SCNA learned that the City of Brooklyn Center did a Brooklyn Boulevard corridor study that would cover the stretch from 49th Ave N to 694. They did this study so they could also apply for a Federal grant to implement some improvements. The City of Brooklyn Center did receive that grant and they have started the processes to begin to implement the grant. They have recently hired a consultant to help with the implementation and will be looking to begin working on the design phase starting as early as 2017 possibly. There will be public meetings during this process which haven’t been established as of yet. But there will be updates posted on the Brooklyn Center website coming soon and SCNA will work diligently to keep residents aware of these opportunities as well in our social media and newsletter outlets.

For more information about what has been discussed already regarding Brooklyn Boulevard by the City of Brooklyn Center residents and the study itself see this webpage for more details.

The City of Brooklyn Center Brooklyn Boulevard Corridor Study

For more information about the Brooklyn Boulevard Corridor Study contact the City of Brooklyn Center Engineering: 763-569-3340.

Metro Transit News:

In late 2014, Metro Transit received a $3.26 million Ladders of Opportunity Grant from the Federal Transit Administration to invest in bus stop and customer waiting shelter improvements that enhance access to employment and educational opportunities. These grant funds, along with available state and local money, will be used to fund the Better Bus Stops Program. You can read more about Better Bus Stops here: http://www.metrotransit.org/better-bus-stops.

To read more about improvements in the Shingle Creek neighborhood related to Better Bus Stops, view the neighborhood specific page here: http://www.metrotransit.org/shingle-creek

As part of the Better Bus Stop program, we are surveying stakeholders in an effort to better understand their priorities for stop improvements specifically regarding shelters, heat, light, and other amenities. We are hoping that members of the Shingle Creek board and community members can take and spread the word about the  Better Bus Stop Survey found here: http://www.metrotransit.org/Data/Sites/1/media/about/improvements/shelters/survey_one-pager.pdf (Note: there’s a link you can click in the PDF that takes you to the survey itself).

For questions regarding the MetroTransit information contact: C Terrence Anderson Community Outreach & Engagement | Metro Transit

560 Sixth Ave. N. | Minneapolis, MN 55411 | Direct:  612.349.7390 | Cell: 612.719.7086