Shingle Creek Neighborhood Vote October 10

History: On the outside, SCNA may be a small neighborhood of 3300 and a small nonprofit neighborhood organization at the farthest Northwest corner of the city. It may not seem to have many “needs or issues”. But SCNA has learned alot from its decades survey data that they completed in Oct/Nov/Dec of the entire neighborhood with the same exact questions from 2005 and compared it with residents replies 2015. That youth, safety, and a clean neighborhood remain top issues, demographics are changing, and having a friendly neighborhood is important.

Neighborhood Vote Oct 10, 2017:  On October 10th, SCNA is inviting the public to a presentation/celebration at Creekview Park, 6:30-8pm (5001 Humboldt Ave N), to hear the history of the project, see the results based on community input and vote on the general categories for the funding based on that community input.

SCNA understands the neighborhood vote isn’t the end of the year-long listening effort—it’s just the beginning of finding new ways to meet needs, engage residents, and further improving SCNA and their neighborhood.

We look forward to seeing you Oct 10!


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