Youth Program

SCNA knows that often times there are not enough educational resources and positive activities outside of sports for youth to participate in our community. SCNA values having positive activities for our community youth!

SCNA is Engaging Community One School at a Time

In 2013 Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association (SCNA) learned from local residents of needs at two local elementary schools, Loring and Lind elementary, and Olson Middle School for equipment and supplies. The three school enrollments are at Jenny Lind (596), Loring (435) and Olson Middle School (360) for a total of 1391 students. The volunteer resident SCNA board members learned that despite the best efforts of teachers, there are many students still in need and at risk across the area. Much needed items of books, sports equipment and theater equipment would help to increase test scores, engage students, parents, families and the community. SCNA agreed to help.

Just two short months later, for the first time, students, teachers, and parents from all three schools attended the May SCNA Board meeting to report on the differences SCNA’s total support of $1871 had made. Latoya Grier from Olson Middle School reported students were engaged by having the $500 SCNA support for sports equipment, SCNA also supported the Olson Middle School science team. This equipment was used to engage on average 50-60 teen youth and up to 90 youth at times to help keep them active in healthy and positive activities this spring.

The Loring Footlights! drama club and Nora Sidler reported they have 34 members who are learning to engage community through their theater productions. Their skills are being enhanced by the “professional” touch of two real spotlights. And the amount of people engaged by this, not only the 34 members of the Loring Footlights! Club but their parents, teachers, and has now spilled over the railroad tracks and now into the full Camden community through this article. On May 20, the Loring Elementary students produced and performed “Tops & Bottoms”. The investment of $656 that SCNA provided seems trivial knowing the amount of people who were engaged and touched by this investment.

The Jenny Lind Elementary School received 175 books valued at $720. Jenny Lind Kindergarten specialists Marlys Svobodny and Crystal Ballard told what a difference having a book for each student has made in their reading and writing skills. Typically, in a class of 20-25 students, teachers would often read to the students while they shared one or two additional books. With SCNA’s support each student was able to read along in their own book. The teachers brought writing comparative samples from January and March when the students still didn’t have the books and May after they had received the books in April and were able to read and work along with the teacher in their own books. Some of the students speak very little English so to see ineligible scribbles of a six year in two short months become more legible and beginning to form sentences—the differences were astonishing!

The Patrick Henry High School’s Herorobotics Team also received financial support from SCNA for their national competition and have received benefits of youth engaging and supporting local community events.

These projects have helped SCNA engage with the area schools, students, parents, teachers and community. We know this small investment will change lives for teachers, parents, students, not only this year but for many years to come!